Tuesday, May 24, 2011


OK, I’ll be frank. Something has gone terribly, tragically wrong. All I wanted to do was blog about cooking …  Is that so much to ask? But then things started spiraling out of control. Warm Chevre ... Oven FriesCrab and Asparagus SupremeSeafood Pesto PizzaFood, food, food!
I couldn’t stop cooking. Ron couldn’t stop eating. All day and all night, we ate. We began to feel a strange kinship with the force-fed geese of France. Asked to sign his name on a credit card receipt, Ron accidentally wrote “Foie Gras.” Ron says we’ve gained weight since I began blogging. No, no, a thousand times no! As you can see, we look exactly the same as we did last month!

Ron, May 2011
Nicole, May 2011

Ron and Nicole, April 2011

Our daughter-in-law Patty, who reads this blog, inexplicably claimed she was going on The Seafood Diet. What we didn’t realize that that she meant the See Food Diet. Patty sees food. And eats it. We discovered the awful truth when she put a cooked lobster on her head. We didn’t mind that so much, but the butter sauce ruined the sofa. She promised to lick it off.

My sister Louise, having eaten 26 of my blogged dishes over a period of 2½ days, collapsed and had to be hauled home in a semi.

So that’s the real reason why I’ve stopped blogging for awhile. On my return, I plan to give you my recipe for A Hot Bowl of SteamA bientôt, Dollinks! 



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