Thursday, June 16, 2011

Boston’s Pride, Vancouver’s Disgrace

This is intended to be a light-hearted cooking blog, but there is nothing funny about the events following the Stanley Cup hockey finals in Vancouver Wednesday night. The Boston Bruins trounced the Vancouver Canucks 4 - 0 in the seventh and final tie-breaking game. As anyone would admit, Boston played brilliantly. While those of us cheering for Vancouver were disappointed our team lost, nothing excuses the rioting, looting, property damage, and injury to others in the hours following the game. The mob mentality that prevailed among small groups of stoned, drunk, aggressive trouble-makers has disgraced and embarrassed our city, our province, and our nation. 

We congratulate Boston for their well-deserved victory, and the Canucks for having played their best season ever. Our humiliation has nothing to do with how well either team did or didn’t play. It has everything to do with the social problems that plague major cities. The actions of a few have brought shame to many. 

I will prepare and bake a Boston Cream Pie later today. Ron will photograph it and I will post the recipe on tomorrow’s blog, as promised a few days ago. But I will do so with a heavy heart. Vancouverites can plaster over the cracks and make our city shine again, but repairing the foundation will not be as easy. We are so very sorry, and so very sad. 

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