Sunday, June 19, 2011

Over the Bounding Main!

Ahoy, Dollinks and Salty Dogs! (I never forget my canine readers ...)
This landlubber’s setting sail early this morning for a month-long absence! Ron will be crewing and I’ll be cooking as we navigate what we hope will be smooth waters around the northern tip of Vancouver Island, from there proceeding south along the ruggedly scenic West Coast. 

A friend chose and set the course for his sailboat, and we’re going along for the ride! We expect to catch crabs (in the ocean, silly!), hook a few salmon, collect mussels and prawns, and watch orcas and dolphins at play. I’ll be so busy sunning, swimming, and trying to maintain my sea legs that you won’t see another blogged recipe until mid-July. 
Wave to us from the shore! I will genuinely miss you, mateys!

PS: I hate to be blatantly self-promotional (but will be, anyway). Onboard, I'll be using a cookbook I wrote a thousand years ago (Nicole Parton's Galley Gourmet, published by Douglas & McIntyre, Vancouver and Toronto; co-published by Pacific Search Press, Seattle, 1987). It's out-of-print, but you can still find used copies floating around (if you'll excuse the expression) online. If I do say so myself (and I do), it's a very good book for cooking at sea, in a motor home, or in any other small space.

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