Monday, June 13, 2011

There is No Joy in Mudville!

Mes chéris …
Ron and I are watching the sixth game in the Stanley Cup Finals. With several minutes to go in the first period, the score is 4 - 0 for Boston. Ron is so upset that he’s stripped off the Canucks jersey he wears to watch the games. I’m so upset that I’m pounding the bear meat in today’s recipe - to a pulp.

I will definitely post my recipe for Boston Cream Pie later this week. I have a friend who lives in Boston. If I could, I’d present him with my pie - WHAM! Right in the kisser! 

Third quarter score: 5 - 2. (WHAT-EV-ER!)

What this game needed was a good old-fashioned Hail Mary pass. thrown to a tight end by a wide receiver. Bear skin ... pigskin ... tackle ... goalie ... what's the difference? The Canucks wing men didn't have enough lift and couldnt get it in. All that and the Canadian commentator is a guy named Cherry. Im slowly learning that hockey is an XXX rated game. What the puck!

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