Sunday, July 24, 2011

Don’t Adjust Your Sets!

A reader has drawn to my attention to the fact that if you click on Nicole Parton’s Favorite Recipes using Google, there is often no “Comment” box below my recipes. It also turns out that the comments written below my recipes are invisible to me. This problem originates with Google. Naughty, Google! Naughty! We are simple, unsophisticated folk, in the Time Zone and at the Latitude Where I Live. We do not play in the sandbox known as the Silicon Valley. This explains why I so rarely hear from you, dear readers. The occasional Anonymous comment does slips through: “Give me more recipes containing bacon and chicken!” Signed: Meat Lover

My email address is the bottom of my introductory profile. It is Feel free to send your comments and recipe requests there and I’ll happily read them. Don’t send marriage proposals: I’m taken. Forget the requests for money: I’m broke. And never mind asking me to assume the role of “The Naked Chef”: This blog is sponsored by Google - not ogle. Besides, who wants to cook in a mask and socks? 

PS: There’s a blog out there called “Nicole’s Favorite Recipes.” The last time I checked, this was not I (I was not she? She wasn’t me? Who cares? If she wants to do my dishes, shes welcome to be my guest). Were different people, she and I. Maybe that Nicole has been getting the comments intended for me. As she notes on her blog, that Nicole is under 30. Im a few years older … Let’s just say my tires have been rotated more often than hers. I also have a spare tire, which she probably doesn’t. Speaking of technical things, Ive found a way to make the type size for this blog larger, so you'll no longer have to click to expand it. I know thats been a nuisance. Don’t touch that dial, Dollinks: I am Nicole Parton’s Favorite Recipes. Keep those cards and letters coming in - by email.  xox   Nicole

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