Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Public Service Announcement

We interrupt this program with a message from our sponsor: “Bonjour, Mes Petites Dollinks! I’m Nicole Parton, and I’m looking for a few hundred eager, hungry taste-testers just like … well, just like YOU! Do you eat and drink? If so, you’re perfectly qualified to become an Anonymous Taste Tester for Nicole Parton’s Favorite Recipes! Operators are standing by to take your calls! Whether you’re male, female, young, old, an English sheepdog or a German shepherd (how I love my international readers!), I NEED YOU!
Eats is eats and wets is wets ...

Sample one or more of Nicole Parton’s Favorite Recipes and fame will be yours! Naturally, you’ll have to wear a sign reading: Will Work for Food during your probationary period of employment. You’ve seen these signs in public places … Our happy employees are everywhere! To take advantage of this special offer, click on the “Comment” card below any recipe (Later note: See posting above to learn why I've now deleted these comment cards!) to tell readers what you thought of it. Go ahead and sign yourself “Anonymous,” or leave your first name and city. It won’t be long until you’re rolling in the dough! Even if it is pastry dough! Here are two of our Anonymous Taste Testers, now! How do you like the recipes so far, folks?
I'm bulimic. Do I still get the job?
I'd rather judge American Idol

There you have it! Two ringing endorsements! Be the first on your block to complete the comment card directly below each recipe. I want to hear from YOU! 
Coming up: A whole week of DELICIOUS summer salads! 

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