Wednesday, September 14, 2011

An Evening in Vienna: Wiener Schnitzel, Red Cabbage, Spätzle, Roast Potatoes, and Sächer Torte

Meine Lieblinge! Throw the dachshunds out of the kitchen! Raus! Fetch the accordions! Start the polkas! We’re off to Vienna, Dollinks! I’d normally suggest we break into a Viennese waltz, but all those musicians and all those ball gowns and all that twirling are far too distracting in my kitchen! So don your dirndls and lederhosen, meine Schätze, and - almost in time for Oktoberfest - let’s make Wiener Schnitzel - one of my favorite dinners! With it, we’ll prepare a little Red Cabbage, Spätzle, and Roast Potatoes. Invite the neighbors, because this makes plenty! 
To hurry things along, peel the potatoes and start the cabbage in the afternoon. The schnitzel takes no time at all, but you can do some advance preparation there, too. The spätzle is fiddly, but even it can be done in advance. This is a wonderful meal, made better only with a slice of Sächer Torte, which I usually make the day before. (Raus! Raus! Gott in Himmel, can’t someone keep those dachshunds under control?)
So …! To entertain you as I cook, a look at the rise and fall of Leutonia’s Polka Greats, the Shmenge Brothers! I’ll get the ingredients from the fridge as this tragic, scandal-filled story unfolds before your disbelieving eyes. Everyone ready to polka? (Raus! Gott in Himmel … jene Hunde!)

And there you have it! Wiener Schnitzel, Red Cabbage, Spätzle, Roast Potatoes, and Sächer Torte - a cooking marathon, especially for you! What??? I did all that cooking and you sat around and watched the Shmenge Brothers??? Even the dachshunds learned how to make my famous schnitzel recipe! I don’t have time to make it all again! I’ll have to give you the recipes tomorrow, one each day for the next five days. Check your dirndls and lederhosen at the door, Dollinks! Auf wiedersehen for now!

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