Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Perfect TV Dinner

Im about to take a few days off, Dollinks (There must be a lot of mosquitoes in the Time Zone and at the Latitude Where You Live, because everyone’s clapping)! Have no fear, the Eichhörnchen’s here! Oops! I guess I shouldn’t have said that. My brother René is going to kill me. Its a good thing he lives 350 miles away. Eichhörnchen is what my Austrian mother used to call him when we were kids. It means “squirrel” in German. (What other family secrets can I give away? Depends how much my family’s willing to pay for my silence ...)

René (aka the Eichhörnchen) - whoops! That fell from my face! - is today’s Guest Blogger. Tomorrow’s Guest Blogger is a fine, handsome, upstanding man who um ... doesnt yet know that he’s my Guest Blogger. No harm praising him in advance (Translation: Sucking up to him in advance) because he, too, is going to kill me when he learns what I have done. Ill let him know in Wednesday’s blog, because I’m too chicken to tell him in person. Fortunately he also lives far, far away. 

Soooo, my little Eichhörnchen - whoops! - René, what gourmet recipe do you have for us, today? Dont be shy ... show everyone your handsome Baby Brother Eichhörnchen face! 

The Eichhörnchen
René likes to watch TV. In fact, he and his television set have been inseparable since 1955. So today he’s making us his Perfect TV Dinner. When I told him he was my Guest Blogger because I didn’t have time to cook yesterday, he volunteered to share his finest with you. Now, we dont do crass commercial promotions on this blog (Actually, I would, but no one’s come forward). So when René says “And now, a word from our sponsor …” know that he’s merely parroting what he’s heard on the telly and is not plumping - to draw a name out of a hat - for a company such as Kraft Foods. 

I would never stand for that on this blog - unless Kraft were to cut me a pretty sizable check of say, $25. OK, I'd settle for $15. In the interest of this blog’s non-commercial nature, I will not reveal the name of the product René uses in his Perfect TV Dinner. His recipe follows: I had KD for supper tonight, enhanced with butter-sautéed green onions, diced green pepper, capers and my own hand-picked chanterelle mushrooms.

“And ...?” That’s all he wrote. That’s his recipe. What more can I expect from a TV-crazed squirrel?

Ron to the rescue! He, too, has numerous recipes for delicious, everybody-craves-it KD, which is not our sponsor but is nonetheless yummy. During Ron’s student days, he and a buddy bought cases of sardines and KD. Ron’s recipes: Sardine and KD Sandwiches, KD and Sardine Sandwiches, Sardine and KD Casserole, KD and Sardine Casserole, Fried Sardines and KD, Fried KD and Sardines, KD by itself, Sardines by themselves, KD with Sardines on the Side, Sardines with KD on the Side. They even had Sardines on Toast for breakfast - all garnished with ketchup (International Translation: Catsup or Toe-Mah-Toe Sauce, depending on the Time Zone and at the Latitude Where You Live).

Definitely not the Eichhörnchen - no TV set!

To express my thanks to Ron, and to my little Baby Bro Eichhörnchen - whoops! - I have a special gift for each of you: I’ll let you guess what it is!

xox   Nicole 

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