Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Chocolate-Dipped Drumsticks

More chocolate! More chocolate! These treats are made with chocolate melting wafers or discs. Melting wafers come in a variety of colors and flavors including white, milk, and dark chocolate, and are specially formulated to liquefy easily for use in molded chocolates. Butterscotch chips and chocolate chips have a higher melting point than chocolate melting wafers, and make a very poor substitute for them. If you use chips in place of melting wafers, you’ll have nothing but frustration unless you add fat to liquefy them. 
Making chocolates with melting wafers is extremely easy - and I’m into easy Big Time! Until I gave the idea more thought, I considered dipping pretzel sticks into melted chocolate and covering them with sprinkles. You know those giant, straight pretzels that are fat as a babys arm and look like batons? Gourmet food stores sell them. When they’re dipped in chocolate and covered in candy sprinkles - whew! What a heavy hit of sodium, fat, and calories! Much too much for me! Instead, I thought Id try to capture the idea of those pretzels with a smaller version of the same treat - and without all that salt. 
Bypassing the pretzels in my supermarket’s snack food aisle, I found a whole-wheat snack called Pringles Baked Wheat Stix. I didn’t count the number of sticks in each foil-wrapped packet, but there were plenty. When I read the label, I found salt way down the list of ingredients, which I liked. Unfortunately palm oil - a highly saturated fat - was way up the list, which I didn’t like, so this product will be a rare treat at our house. 

Still ... it’s for the holidays! I bought a package and set to work creating! The proportions are up to you, because only you know how many of these you’ll want to make. Served with coffee, tea, and a selection of chocolates, these would be an interesting after-dinner nibble on a holiday table.
Chocolate-Dipped Drumsticks:
White chocolate melting wafers
1 pkg. Baked Wheat Stix
Candy sprinkles

Using a clean, dry, narrow-necked jar, heat a sufficient quantity of white chocolate melting wafers at 60% power in microwave oven, stopping before wafers have fully melted. Stir to melt fully. Dip Wheat Stix into melted chocolate to a depth of about 2 in. Allow excess chocolate to drip back into chocolate in jar. Holding chocolate-dipped stix over a small bowl, shake sprinkles over warm chocolate. Rest each tiny Drumstick on a rack so chocolate can harden and set. Re-melt chocolate as before, reusing sprinkles in bowl. Chill and store Drumsticks in airtight container.

White chocolate melting wafers

I chose these stix over pretzels 

Dip each stick into white chocolate

Pour on the sprinkles!
These are fussy to make, but yummy!

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