Saturday, December 31, 2011

Looking Forward, Looking Back

With these words, I must say “Auf Wiedersehen!” and “A Bientôt!” for an indefinite period. It’s been such a pleasure sharing my recipes with you over these past eight months! I’ll certainly do so again - but not for a while. 
Although I don’t normally talk about my day-to-day life, over the past year I’ve been privileged to co-write an innovative non-fiction book that has my co-authors and I very excited. Right now, I need to pay close attention to the completion of that work. Following that, I have to buckle down on a Top Secret book about … well, it wouldn’t be a secret if I told you (Hint: It's not about cooking)! Both books need my full attention, leaving me almost no time to blog.
I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed reading this blog as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it! To be sure, I’ll drop in with a few special-occasion recipes in 2012, but not very often, I suspect. Having written a scattering of internationally published books over the past 40 years, I know from experience that the process is neither quick nor easy. 
I’ve been intrigued that this blog has found such a steady readership in so many countries around the world. I’ve also appreciated your wonderful notes and recipe suggestions.
Just as the coming New Year is a time for looking back, it’s also a time for looking forward. And I’m going to look forward to completing these two books so I can blog for you again! Until then, Dollinks, Happy New Year!       
xox    Nicole

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