Saturday, December 24, 2011

When Plans Go Awry ... Keep Smiling!

My final festive posts are immediately below this one. But here’s a little personal message from me. Chances are, not everything will be “perfect” today or tomorrow. The buns may burn. The turkey may slip from the platter to the floor. The whipping cream may not. Small and large disasters happen. That’s life! I’m leaving you with some food-related clips that I hope will make you smile:
The easiest way to find a place to stay for the holidays: 

The easiest two ways to clear a table: 

The easiest three ways to over-eat: 

The easiest way to tell your mother you won’t be having any holiday ham or turkey: 

And finally, the best way to find a willing worker to help out in the kitchen:

Happy Holidays, Dollinks!

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