Sunday, June 24, 2012

Carrot and Other Tasty Juices

“Why, oh, why are you so delicate and slender, Nicole? Why, when you prepare so many luscious recipes, do you not look like a sumo wrestler?”
Hah! No one ever says that. In fact, I do look like a sumo wrestler, but find the top-knot and the diaper unflattering.
The Canadian Flag Cake I recently told you about is now baked and partially decorated, with only the finishing touches needed. Im about to start my Fourth of July Pie, but havent quite done it, yet (I know it’s early, Dollinks, but I want you to have those recipes in plenty of time for the holidays). Those blogs will require a little extra work, and this being the weekend, with people to see and places to go … well, it may just be a few days before I post those recipes. So here’s a dead-simple blog I’ve tested and glug-glugged many times! 
We have a juice maker. ’Nuff said, but that’s never stopped my torrent of words. 
Our juice maker wasn’t expensive. It’s not one of those models that require so much storage that you may as well offer it your spot in the garage. Nor does it have so many moving parts that it requires intricate cleaning. Having said all of that, I’m not going to tout this or that company, so you’re on your own at finding the make and model that suits you best. 
I will say that Ron does the juicing in this household, buzzing stemmed, washed, unpeeled carrots (how hard is that?through the machine, sometimes adding celery, beet, turnips, apple, and other wonderful things. In this way, we get a faceful of antioxidants and I manage to hold steady at 525 pounds instead of the 550 pounds my sumo wrestler genes crave.

Todays “recipe” is simple: Buy a juicer. If you want to invest in good health, it’s money well spent. And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a weekend movie to watch! Pass the popcorn, Dollink!

xox   Nicole

Ignore the brand name on this and all other small appliances
in my kitchen! What's right for me, may not be right for you!

BRRRT! In go the carrots, out comes the juice! Simple, wot?

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