Monday, June 4, 2012

The Truth About “Penné”: Who Knew?

Those Dollinks who actually know me - as opposed to those who idly read this recipe blog and move on - understand that I’m a bit of a pedant when it comes to grammar and spelling. When my poor Ron slips up on a subjunctive, I give him the Furrowed Brow Look (furrow, furrow!). It’s a true story that when I initially spurned his advances, he won my heart by buying and actually reading three grammar books. I swooned, and was lost.

I’ve always felt I should wear rimless glasses, a grey bun in my hair, and sensible shoes (instead of the strappy little stilettos I favor) to complete the image of a stern grammarian (the stilettos are a shameless lie, but then, most of you don’t really know I wear sensible shoes).

I’m wandering off my intended topic, which is penné. Yes! Penné! The subject of my blog of two days ago, mentioned in numerous past blogged recipes! Penné! Penné! Penné! I hang my head in embarrassment. I’ve spelled it wrong, all this time. My former editor spotted the error instantly. I’ve known her since my earliest days as a journalist, and she doesn’t wear stilettos, either. She sends this Editor’s Note: “Penne is Italian - don’t think it takes a French accent. Sorry, can't help myself!”
Whoops! Correction noted! From now on, I’ll write about “penne.” Thanks, Ann!  xox  Nicole
PS: This is a photo of Ann. This is one of her husband, Tom. I shot both pictures on a visit to their home a few days ago. And now you know why Ron takes the photos for this blog ...



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