Monday, August 20, 2012

Café Frappe

Zorba would jump for joy:
Delicious Café Frappé

I’ve made this outstanding chilled coffee for eons, unaware until today that it’s the unofficial national coffee of Greece. So what better way to wrap up the menu-planning ideas for yesterday’s post for a Greek Dinner Party? Served ice cold, this Frappe is refreshing and satisfying.

Café Frappe:

2-½ heaping coffee spoons of instant coffee granules
2 tbsp. boiling water
½ c. granulated sugar
2 tbsp. skim milk powder
1 tbsp. unsweetened pure cocoa powder
1 c. light cream
1 c. crushed ice
Whipped cream, as garnish
Finely cut chocolate sprinkles, as optional garnish

In a small bowl, add instant coffee to boiling water, stirring well until completely dissolved. Add to blender with sugar, skim milk powder, cocoa powder, and cream. Buzz 15 seconds at high setting, or until frothy. Add crushed ice all at once, buzzing a further 15-to-20 seconds. Pour into two tall glasses. Pop in a straw, topping generously with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles. Serve at once. 


  1. And hello, Dollink, to you!

    Your Greek menu is making me drool! I love (and have always recommended) your advice to cook only one “major” dish, and either do “prepare-aheads” or hit the store for the other stuff. This advice certainly makes hosting dinner parties less daunting for anyone who used to try to do it all from scratch!

    Unfortunately, we can use your Greek Dinner Party recipes only for inspiration because of their high fat and sugar content. I live in Canada and have just checked the label on Liberté Greek Yogourt. It's owned in Quebec and produced heaven-knows-where! It is 0% M.F. and contains ONLY skim milk and bacterial cultures. It is quite, quite divine.

    As for your Café Frappé, I went on-line, asking Mr. Google “How to Make Greek Frappé Coffee”. Sure enough, I found a recipe that uses much less sugar, no cream, and that can be made with skim milk. I know it won’t taste as decadent as yours, but my gall-bladder just can’t manage the cream, and I prefer not to teach my tongue to expect so much sweetening. Tell your readers to Google this low-calorie alternative! That said, I sure do appreciate the ideas you “kick start”!

    Lorna B., Vancouver

  2. Dear Lorna B: I don't need to tell them when you've already done such an excellent job! I'm delighted you "went the extra mile" (Oops! You're Canadian! You went the extra "kilometer") to do this research. xox Nicole


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