Friday, August 24, 2012

Coffee Ice Cream

Vienna, here we come: Coffee Ice Cream
I’ve loved Coffee Ice Cream - sans booze - since I was a child! And yes, our Austrian mother let us drink heavily sugared coffee mit Schlagsahne!

Coffee Ice Cream:

⅔ c. granulated sugar
1-⅓ c. strong, brewed coffee
1-⅓ c. heavy cream (“whipping”) cream
⅓ c. brandy

Freeze canister of electric ice cream maker at least 7 hr. or overnight, with mixing blade already inserted. Stir sugar into hot or warm coffee until completely dissolved. Chill well. Stir in cream and brandy. Pour into deeply frozen canister of electric ice cream maker, processing about 30 min. Serve immediately or label and freeze in covered storage container. Do not freeze or store in canister of ice cream maker. To serve after storage, soften slightly in refrigerator about 30 min. Makes 1 quart (1 L). 

Note: Ice cream that contains alcohol takes longer to freeze and usually has a softer texture than ice cream without alcohol.

Further Note: No ice creamer maker? See the Index for How to Make Frozen Treats Without an Ice Cream Maker.

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