Thursday, September 27, 2012

Some Thanksgiving Musings

I’m still on vacation, having stocked our freezer with the six minnows and five sardines we caught on our little getaway ... um ... ice fishing (see my post of Sept. 15, 2012). In all honesty, the only “ice” we encountered went into our drinks. My recipes will return Friday, October 12, when I’ll bring you another of my occasional series titled Dinner Party - this one featuring Quail in Balsamic Glaze, Risotto alla Milanese, Layered Jicama-Mango Salad, and two killer Trifle recipes, all with beautiful photos. I’ll also have more Guidelines and Tips to help make any dinner party memorable.

As my thoughts turn to Canadian Thanksgiving in early October, and American Thanksgiving in late November, I want to go on record in saying that I did not write the note below. If I had, I’d be a real Thanksgiving turkey! I did some research into this, learning that although the names have been changed to protect the innocent and the guilty, the note is a parody of what one fed-up family has actually endured for years.

I hope none of you Dollinks sees yourself in this! I trust that the woman who originally sent out Thanksgiving instructions along these lines has now now determined what part of “Thanks” and “Giving” she doesn’t understand. 

Although this recipe blog is not a political platform, it is impossible to ignore the broader world outside the kitchen. And so I have a special plea, at this time of giving thanks. No matter how opulent or humble your home may be, include a family or individual in your celebration who may not otherwise receive a Thanksgiving invitation or have the means to host such a special meal.

Do it quietly, with no expectation of recognition or reward - but do it, Dollinks. See you in October!   xox   Nicole

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