Wednesday, September 5, 2012


As I mentioned a few days ago, it’s getting chilly in the Time Zone and at the Latitude Where I Live. Its also time to stock the larder for winter, so - as we do each year - Ron and I are going ice fishing. A fellow ice-fisher captured the scene as we drilled our fishing hole last year:

Fish: Missing in Action. Nicole: Wishing she were MIA

After rubbing two icicles together to start a large bonfire, Ron, myself, and our fellow anglers always enjoy a communal sing-along to which I bring my comb with waxed paper and Ron brings his kazoo. We’re wary of large instruments, ever mindful of the year a stubborn Harry Khalkopf dragged his pipe organ onto the ice. Harry now sleeps with the fishes. Here’s a brief scene from last year’s happy event:

Once home, Ill stash our annual catch in our capacious, walk-in freezer. 

With the merriment on the ice over for another year, I plan to attend cooking classes to give me something to write about when I return - um - to polish my skills. Its never too late to learn something new, and I’m keen to master more recipes as well as other neat stuff like do-it-yourself tattooing. See you in early October, Dollinks!



PS: In the name of honest disclosure, I must also confess that Im retreating awhile to recover from a crushing psychological blow. The fast growth of this website has delighted me, so I recently set out to see which country has been driving the numbers.  To my amazement, it was Russia! 

Wow, I guess the recipe I posted for Russian Cream really excited that audience! But then I looked behind the numbers to learn (how can I put this?) that my blog is being hit upon by Russian porn sites. I kid you not! It isnt my Russian Cream that’s done it (though an argument could be made ...), but more likely all those references to legs, thighs, and breasts each time I write about chicken.

Ive found this most disappointing. Deducting the Russian numbers from my posted readership stats leaves a total of four readers - one of them Ron, two of them my siblings, and one of them you. If you like this blog, tell your friends, Dollinks.

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