Monday, November 26, 2012

The Blue Dragon Awakes!

Meet Rick Green: Talented cook, writer, and editor at Say hello to Moi: Rick’s nervous sous chef, writer and editor at Nicole Parton’s Favorite Recipes

If you're unsure, Rick is the good-looking one on the left
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As one of seven competitive teams cooking in aid of a charitable cause (see Note), Rick and I recently partnered to try a line of foods that are best-sellers in the UK, but new to North America. To say we were impressed with these products was putting it mildly. I can’t speak for Rick, but WOW! was the first word to fall out of my face.

It took only a few minutes for Rick to create and plate the fabulous salmon recipe that he invented on the spot using a line of fragrantly spiced Asian cooking sauces called Blue Dragon. Reminder: This blog accepts no advertising and doesn’t sneak in any promotional cross-my-palm-with-silver “mentions.” Anything you read in this space is my unvarnished, tell-it-as-I-see-it opinion.

Currently featured in sensible supermarkets in the north-eastern US, in Quebec and Ontario, and in the UK, Blue Dragons Chinese, Indian, Vietnamese, and Thai sauces and condiments should soon find their way into grocery stores on Canadas west coast, particularly as Chinese New Year approaches. 

East meets West: The WOW! factor
I absolutely loved every product I tasted. Here’s why. Reading the ingredient listing for these products is like reading a restaurant menu - in fact, you can replicate Asian restaurant meals with them! The Blue Dragon products we tested were low-sodium and low-fat - completely natural, with no additives, preservatives, or artificial colors. Reflecting the bright colors of Asia, the products and their packaging are colorful, too. 

The products’ names are so enticing (example: Sweet & Sour Cooking Sauce, Chinese Curry Cooking Sauce, Tomato & Sweet Chilli Cooking Sauce …) that they draw you in and make you want to cook! 

Theres a recipe on almost every package, but you can still let your imagination soar, as Rick did in making his excellent Thai Coconut-Curry Salmon. I accompanied this with stir-fried carrots and snap peas, as well as with the Fried Rice I blogged for you May 6, 2012. Ricks recipe appears below. He prepared it to serve three, but you can make this gorgeous dish in any quantity you choose. If yourather use a fish other than salmon, do!

Note: Our team took second place to the outstanding Cod Brandades in Chilli Coconut-Cream Sauce that Mark Busse and Ben Garfinkel prepared. Both winning cooks hail from foodists.caMark directed his prize money to the Museum of Vancouver, and Ben to BC’s Children’s Hospital. Told in Rick and Bens own words, both prize-winning recipes follow todays blog.


  1. Having read you back in the day when you were writing for "The Vancouver Sun", it was a pleasure meeting you, Nicole. I enjoyed our "Iron Chef" moment.

  2. Great meeting you, too, Rick! I'm thankful there were no "Hell's Kitchen" moments! xox Nicole


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