Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Three Crantini Cocktails

Dollinks? A word, please - a very important word. Enjoy these cocktails, but drink in moderation. It goes without saying that you should never, never drink and drive - but I’ll say it, anyway. Over the years, I’ve made and tasted each of these drinks, and each is excellent. 

Although this isn’t a political column, the people have spoken, and I’m going to raise a glass to the winner of the 2012 US presidential election! And then, at the bottom of this blog, I’m going to give you a thoughtful, well-considered political analysis of why I believe that winner was the better candidate and why he deserved to win.

Simple Cranberry Martini:

This drink is stirred - not shaken!      
2 parts cranberry juice
1 part chilled vodka

Serve in chilled glasses.

Deluxe Cranberry Martini:

This drink is shaken - not stirred!

2 oz. vodka
1 oz. Cointreau
1 freshly squeezed lime
Enough cranberry juice to top off ice-filled martini shaker

Shake well. Serve in chilled glasses. Yields 2.

The Classic Crantini:

This drink stirs and shakes the imbiber!

1 c. cranberry juice
2 oz. currant vodka
Fresh cranberries and orange rind twists, as optional garnish

Place cranberry juice and currant vodka in cocktail shaker. Top with ice, shaking well. Strain into chilled martini glasses. Yields 2.

Cheers to the winner!
Photo: Google Images
And now, the moment of truth! Google says I’m not allowed to do this because I write a recipe blog, but I’m prepared to defy that directive. Lift your glasses before I start my political analysis! Google would’t dare cut me off in the

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