Thursday, August 15, 2013


I’ve just checked in to see how everything’s been going during the blogging sabbatical I’ve had since Valentine’s Day. I haven’t read the mail and have barely touched a pot during that time, but oh, my goodness! This blog’s readership has jumped from last February’s 70,000 page views to the 100,000 I expect to reach some time today or tomorrow. (Ron says that if I abandon the blog altogether, its readership will probably hit a million page views overnight).

Tempting as that may be, Nicole Parton’s Favorite Recipes will be coming to a computer near you on September 1. Although my cooking skills are now a little rusty, we’re still having something exotic for dinner, tonight … Chinese take-out!

See you in a couple of weeks with all the usual suspects - our Anonymous Taste Testing Panel, “Candid Camera” Ron and his big lens, and all you wonderful Dollinks who love to cook!

P.S. Perhaps I should post a truly great recipe to celebrate my 100,000 reader milestone! Naaaaah ... Why rush it?

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