Sunday, September 1, 2013

And Here We Are!

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The great recipes for which you’ve waited so patiently start again tomorrow! I’m going to work into this slowly, Dollinks. Remember the ultra-easy Three-Ingredient Mac-’n-Cheese recipe I published in January, 2013? You dont??? Then please look it up ... It’s fabulous! 

Not to be outdone (ahem ... by myself), the recipe below offers a  two-ingredient back-to-basics hot-weather appetizer. Monday’s recipe relaunch features a three-ingredient Zebra Cake - most certainly, one of the best cakes youve ever tasted! Tuesday, you’ll enjoy a three-ingredient adults-only frozen treat! I’m not going to tell you what it is because ... well, it’s just three ingredients (two if you don’t count water), and if you already knew what they were, why would you read the recipe? Wednesday, you’ll find a No-Knead Artisan Bread with just four ingredients (three if you don’t count water) that youll want to make again and again.

After that, were back to hard-core cooking - Army drill stuff - scones shot from a cannon, buns of steel, mystery meats, and more! All kidding aside, I couldn’t help but try a few good recipes (and a few excellent ones) during my long absence. Its almost Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, and I have a great Tomato Marmalade recipe you’ll want to make over and over, a hot pickle recipe I call Darryl’s Super Sweet Pickles, and so much more! At ease, cooks! See you tomorrow!  



PS: Tell your friends! And - depending what you think of my recipes - tell your enemies, too!

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