Saturday, November 23, 2013

Eggnog Latté

Here it is … exactly what you’ve been waiting for as the holiday season approaches! The following is for the foodies in my audience: Yes! Absolutely! Without a doubt espresso is preferable to using double-strength instant coffee! But I’m lazy and this is excellent, just as it is. 

Eggnog Latté:

1-⅓ c. cold commercially made eggnog, divided
½ c. cold milk
4-to-6 tsp. instant coffee 
½ c. boiling water
Dash ground nutmeg, as garnish

Combine 1 c. eggnog with milk. Steam in cappuccino maker, microwave oven, or heavy-based saucepan until temperature reaches 145-to-150 deg. F. on candy thermometer. As eggnog mixture steams, froth remaining ⅓ c. eggnog using battery-operated milk frother or steamer-pump of cappuccino maker. Stir instant coffee into boiling water to make double- or triple-strength coffee. Divide hot coffee between two mugs; stir in steamed eggnog mixture. Garnish with frothed eggnog and dusting of nutmeg. Serves 2. 

Steam eggnog and milk (Don't use thermometer in microwave oven!)

The milk frother attachment of my stick blender ...

… Raises a froth in less than 5 seconds!

Prepare double-strength coffee as recipe directs. 

Pour coffee into mugs, stirring in steamed eggnog-milk.
Garnish with eggnog froth and a little nutmeg. 

Pure relaxation!

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