Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Great Chicken Wing Cook-Off!

I occasionally find it fun to dive back in to a previous post. That’s exactly what happened last night, as Ron and I conducted what we called The Great Chicken Wing Cook-Off!

Despite the heading on this post, you won’t find the Cook-Off results here. Check the Index under Appetizers: Chicken-Based (The Great Chicken Wing Cook-Off!) or - to get to the post quickly - visit:

The competition is an adjunct to Ron’s Honeyed Chicken Wings, posted June 26, 2012. To conduct the test, Ron took one of his favorite wing recipes and I took one of mine and … Let’s just say we had a very large dinner, with finger bowls, extra napkins, and plenty of friendly rivalry. 

As we enter the season for entertaining, youll find all the chicken wings in the Index great for a crowd! Do try them, Dollinks! Again, look under under Appetizers: Chicken-Based. Today’s recipe - a deliciously Autumn-themed Pumpkin Spice Roll with Cream Cheese Fillingappears below.

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