Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Frankie Extends a A Holiday Wish

On Christmas Eve ... 
Ron and I are reflecting on a year almost past. On this, his first Christmas Eve, Frankie - our pet fish, personal secretary, and chauffeur - is doing the same. Frankie battled the holiday crowds to buy us a gift

He also plans to cook the Christmas turkey all by himself. How will he baste it, one child asked? With difficulty, I said.

Who says fish aren’t intelligent? Frankie’s favorite look-out
is the small Christmas 
wreath we recently hung at the edge
of his
bowl. He spends literally hours there each day. 

This holiday season, offer the gifts of friendship, time, trust, commitment, kindness, visible appreciation, gratitude, and humor, and you will receive them in return. If you’re feeling a little blue over the holidays, buy yourself a fish! Or get a little silly and bring others joy! 

If you cant see this YouTube video, youll find it at:
Hugs to you all!   xox   Nicole

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