Thursday, February 13, 2014

Frankie Bakes Valentine’s Day Cookies

Having recovered from his Super Bowl addiction to Cheezies and Doritos, Frankie (our pet fish, personal secretary, chauffeur, occasional turkey chef, and part-time mobster) has been sprung from rehab! He took it like a man - uh, fish - when we insisted he enter rehab, but found the “drying-out” part very stressful.

In an effort to make himself even more useful around the house, Frankie has appointed himself Rons valet. He wanted to become my consort, but Ron wouldnt hear of it. So instead, Frankie started making lacy paper Valentines he glued to the inside of his bowl. All of them were addressed to NICkLE so I think that means me. I took it as a hint that Frankie might want to make Valentine’s Day Cookies. I found a suitable recipe so he could give me a helping fin.

It was the first time Frankie had ever baked cookies. He was proud and thrilled to roll out the dough!

Look Ma! No fins!

Before I knew it, hed made quite a mess 


… and was begging me for help! 

Fins on my face, Frankie played the Fish Card to plead for help

Frankie (rhymes with cranky) said he didn’t want to bake any more cookies because he was dog-tired. That sounds pretty tired - for a fish. So I’m going to make those Valentine’s Day Cookies myself, and will post them later today.   xox   NICkLE

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