Thursday, December 18, 2014

Fa-la-la-Land, Part 2

When my pal Graham Harrop read that I wasn’t going to mail out any more paper holiday cards (, he drew one just for me. Graham is an artist of considerable note: His work graces editorial cartoons, books, and a number of Internet sites. Should you find this card too small to read (it is, after all, a card and not a poster), simply click on the image to enlarge it.

Not everyone has Graham’s knack for drawing, but I firmly believe everyone has a talent. I, myself, am particularly skilled at tap dancing. Unfortunately, when a gossip-loving friend misheard me, she spread the word that I was a talented lap dancer, which landed me many unsought-after invitations to stag parties. I can say (with some modesty) that I’m not a bad pole dancer, either. During the holiday season, I favor the north pole in the living room, rather than the south pole in the bedroom. My husband can hardly wait for summer in the northern hemisphere, when things switch over.

Whatever your talent, use and share it, just as the little drummer boy did. I’m glad my friend Graham shared his talent with me - and thus, with all of you - xox   Nicole

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