Thursday, July 30, 2015


I’d planned to make Roti - a staple of Indian cooking - when I came across this astonishing post from today’s Wall Street Journal:
I’m in shock. Is this the future of home cooking? Will blogs like mine become irrelevant? (Don’t cheer all at once or you’ll scare the horses.) YouTube features a far simpler Roti maker, which bears a strong resemblance to an everyday crêpe maker ... 

(If you can’t view this, go to )
In response to the arrival of this simple machine, YouTube commentator Venki R. recently wrote: “ … It’s not good or soft as we make by hand that we can keep for longer, compared to these. All over India, we have lot of electricity scarcity and dono how much watts this sucks. The more we use machines the more we get sick with different diseases due to lack of activities and lack of healthy food. Now we know why get more and more diabetes and (blood pressure) cases compared to previous generations.” 

YIKES, that’s harsh! Though I do understand that India has major electricity issues, I’d hate to read what Venki R. has to say about fridges and stoves. But then I idly thought: “Gee ... If the Donald J. Trump household had a Roti maker in the kitchen, what would it look like?” Once again, YouTube provided the answer:

To see this, go to
I think I’ll give up on my silly notion to make Roti. I’m going to the beach, instead.  xox  Nicole

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