Monday, February 29, 2016

Cocktail Sausage Fingers

You might think a recipe with this name would be an appetizer. Quite the opposite. This recipe is unappetizing. Some might even say that it’s a recipe for disaster. But, hey! This is a recipe blog - not a political blog. 

The YouTube below contains a reference to Cocktail Sausage Fingers. The video is not quite 30 minutes long. Trust me ... The time will go by very fast.

I hope you’ll hear and watch every word, and will give those words a great deal of thought. I hope you will share this blog with your family and friends. I hope it will keep you awake at night. I hope you will realize how extremely serious this recipe is, and that - despite its entertainment value - these Cocktail Sausage Fingers are nothing to laugh about, because the fate of the world may well rest in those grubby little hands. 

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