Sunday, April 3, 2016

In Fond Memory of Darryl Paulsen

Darryl Paulsen died the other day - much too young and much too soon. With his passing, the world lost one of the good ones. Darryl was a gifted man with an open heart, a sense of fun, and a deep love for his family and for his devoted wife of 21 years, Judy. 

Darryl had a talent for making people laugh. He was kind. He was generous. He was irrepressible. As a jovial, incomparable host, Darryl seemed like he’d go on forever, but no one ever does. 

Darryl was an extraordinary cook. He could easily have been a chef. Among the recipes he
Judy and Darryl Paulsen, October, 2014
shared with Ron and me (and so with this blog) were his Spanish Paella (indexed in this blog under Main Dish: Paella); his Hot Sweet Pickles (indexed in this blog under Appetizers: Pickles (Darryl’s Hot Sweet) and his Mexican Eggs (indexed in this blog under Brunch: Eggs (Darryl’s Mexican)

Darryl didn’t preface those wonderful recipes with his name; I did. Darryl was quick to say exactly where he’d found the recipe for such-and-such. He always shared those recipes, rather than hoard them, as some cooks do.

In February, 2014, Darryl emailed me quite excitedly to say he
d found a new and terrific recipe called Bagna Cauda. I’ve never had a chance to make this hot Italian dip with its interesting name, but - in honor of Darryl - I’ll give it a whirl today. If I can prepare this even half as well as Darryl would have, I’ll publish the recipe tomorrow. 

By the time I wrote a December, 2014 blog teasing him (indexed as A Private Note: Happy Holidays and New Year!), we knew Darryl was seriously ill. Judy’s loss is beyond measure. We send her loving thoughts as she bravely puts one foot in front of the other to get through these difficult days. Although Ron and I are standing on the sidelines, well miss our dear friend more than we can say.

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