Saturday, January 5, 2019

Jack Cudney, I’m Looking for YOU!

So here’s the deal, Jack. I have no idea who you are. I have no idea where you live. I have no idea what your email address is. You opened a Twitter account more than a year ago, but when I Twittered, you didn’t answer - mainly because youve never Twittered to a single soul.

But hey, Jack, you wrote my blog last July looking for a Butchart Gardens’ recipe for bourbon-glazed dark bread with orange peel. Sorry, Dollink, I don’t have it, but it shouldn’t be too hard to replicate. If it soothes your sad heart, the web offers several similar recipes. Not that particular one, mind you - but similar. 

I’m writing you this note, Jack, because - once again - didn’t let me know a reader had commented on my recipe page. Ahhh, but I’ve also found nearly 1,000 emails from eager readers in Armenia (and points elsewhere) who are panting to give me a free tattoo; hook me up with the love of my life (sorry, but I’m taken); hire me to drive an Uber in Texas or Tanzania (whichever’s closer); teach me a language in 20 minutes, and other can’t-live-without-it stuff. Wow! It sure is nice to be popular! 

So back to Nicole Parton’s Favorite Recipes, a little later. I do hope Armenians enjoy my cooking! 

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