Monday, July 23, 2012

Champagne with Grand Marnier and Orange Juice

It’s never too soon: Heads up for next weekend! No doubt some of you Dollinks will be planning a decadent, lazy brunch instead of breakfast. If so, this special drink goes a step beyond the usual champagne and orange juice brunch starter. I’m not here to promote brand names, so am compelled to say that if you wish, you can use any quality orange liqueur in place of Grand Marnier.
Champagne with Grand Marnier and Orange Juice:
12 oz. chilled, dry champagne
2 oz. chilled Grand Marnier or any other orange-flavored liqueur
6 oz. chilled orange juice
Combine in a pitcher, serving at once in chilled champagne glasses. Serves 4 or 5. 
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Dollinks: I’m about to take an indefinite period of time off. Ron and I have very much enjoyed writing and taking photos for this blog, which will remain online. It’s gratifying to know that readers will continue to enjoy these recipes in future years. Allow me to raise a glass to all of you! For now, let’s just say that I’ve ...

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