Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mint Julep

And so tonight were going to make the lie true, and when that's done, I'll bring the liquor back here and well get drunk together, here, tonight . . .” - Tennessee Williams, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
No, Dollinks. We’re not going to roll around together, drunk. The fact that I am going to bed as soon as I file this post is irrelevant. Or irrevelent. Whatever.
Mint Julep:
⅔ bunch mint stalks and leaves, with 15 small leaves removed
1-½ c. bourbon
¼ c. water
¼ c. granulated sugar
See How to Double-Frost Glasses in Index. Freeze two short highball glasses, storing in freezer until needed. Coarsely chop 15 small mint leaves. Cover leaves with 2 oz. bourbon for 15 min., bruising mint with drink muddler (I wash and use my fish bonker, but no one’s supposed to know that. Shhhh!) Pluck out leaves with tongs, placing on cheesecloth. Tie edges of cheesecloth in small bundle, wringing soaked leaves into remaining bourbon. 
Briefly soak leaves in tied cheesecloth again, wringing into bourbon once more. Set aside. Stirring constantly, boil water and sugar in small saucepan 1 min., producing about ⅓ c. Simple Syrup (if you already have Simple Syrup in the fridge, use that). Refrigerate and set aside. When syrup is completely cool, combine with bourbon-mint mixture. Refrigerate several hours to blend flavors. 
When ready to serve, fill two short highball glasses halfway with crushed ice. Pop a mint stalk into each glass, securing by topping glass with additional crushed ice. Pour refrigerated Julep mixture into glass. Top with a straw and enjoy. Serves 2. And a bit. 

Assemble ingredients; Ron has already made Julep concentrate

Fill double-frosted glass halfway with crushed ice

Pop in a mint stalk and top with more crushed ice 

Pour Julep concentrate into ice-filled, double-frosted glass 

Serve on hot, languid days, preferably under a banyan tree

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