Monday, December 24, 2012

We’re All in the Same Gravy Boat

As a small gift for you, I have a second blog today, telling you how to resolve the gravy emergency reader Barb Lefevre encountered, below. I had precisely the same problem a few years ago, but thanks to this easy solution, will never do it again! Here’s Barb’s note!

Oh, dear, Nicole! Where were you when I needed you? For the first time in 20 years, we had an early Christmas dinner at our place: Family members did the honors in the intervening years.  Everything was going along beautifully - mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts, stuffing warming in the oven, red cabbage bubbling on the stove, turkey beautifully cooked and resting. I thought, in my dotage, that all was well. 

Daughter Nancy always produces the most wonderful gravy, and I announced that it was time for her to do her magic. There was only one problem: When I removed the turkey from the oven, I chucked out the drippings and dutifully washed the roasting pan. I even tossed out the giblet water, proudly thinking how efficient I was in ensuring that there wasn’t a pot or pan in sight!

“Oh!” said Nancy,“Where are the drippings?”  

Dear heaven, I nearly fell into a heap! I should have known that nothing is ever perfect in my world. Nancy patted me on the head and said “Don't worry, Mom! I’ll try to create something resembling gravy!” However, even Nancy’s culinary talents were not up to the task, and the result was something that resembled chicken soup.  

Needless to say, said concoction met the same fate as the turkey drippings.  My fantasy about producing a perfect meal was dashed! 

Your Christmas dinner I know will be superb; may I please send my family to your place? Love to you and Ron, and Merry Christmas!  

Fortunately, this problem isn’t difficult to fix - not immediately, but in the years following the problem. Next time, make extra gravy - lots and lots! - from those precious drippings. Then freeze some of it. The next time you cook a turkey, set aside the drippings and use the thawed gravy you froze last time. When the rush of dinner is done, use the drippings still in the pot to make gravy for “next” time. This method works beautifully!   xox   Nicole

PS: For perfect gravy every time, consult the Index for Gravy: Nicole’s.

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