Monday, December 17, 2012

Nicole’s Chick Pea Salad

Long one of my favorite recipes, today’s splendid Chick Pea Salad makes a light and refreshing change at this time of year. It’s quick to make, low in fat, and rich in antioxidants. I’m more than happy to blog it for you, because this blog is also my online cookbook - the source I turn to first, because it sure beats poring over dozens of cookbooks and thousands of filing cards to find the recipe I’m seeking

Feel free to vary the ingredients with whatever’s on hand - diced celery, a handful of fresh or frozen green peas, or anything else your heart desires. Just don’t omit the chick peas!

Nicole’s Chick Pea Salad:

One 19-oz. (540 mL) can chick peas (also called garbanzo beans”)
¼ medium red bell pepper (capsicum”), diced
6 green onions (spring onions”), diced
5 or 6 cherry tomatoes, halved
 c. cilantro, finely chopped
Salt and pepper, to taste

Drain, rinse, and blot dry chick peas. Combine with remaining ingredients. Toss with ¼-to- c. Ron’s Arf ’n’ Arf Balsamic Vinaigrette (see my blog post of June 6, 2011). To keep the natural color of chick peas and other ingredients, use white balsamic vinegar in this recipe.

Start with a simple can of chick peas - a kitchen staple!

Add diced green onions and other fresh ingredients

You'll love this salad's bright colors and wonderful flavors!

Add cilantro, Ron's quick dressing, and serve! Dee-licious!

PS: As the season” is now staring us in the face, be sure to check the Index for last year’s festive posts!

Tomorrow: An easy appie that takes mere minutes to prepare!

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