Friday, February 1, 2013

Football Fever!

Billed as “an event of epic proportions,” Super Bowl XLVII is coming to a television set near you on Sunday, February 3! The spectacle will have (almost) all the guts and glory of ancient Rome, except for a bigger Colosseum, a bigger audience, and a much bigger chance of staying alive as the Baltimore Ravens gear up to bash the San Francisco 49ers and vice-versa. 

Unlike ancient Rome, there will be no (Detroit) Lions, no (Cleveland) Tigers, and definitely no (Mumbai) Gladiators (see Note). 

In honor of the Super Bowl, the recipes I’ve blogged below - a Lady Baltimore Cake and San Francisco Fudge Foggies - are both winners! Tomorrow, I’ll have three make-ahead savory dips and a great nacho snack for the huddle at half-time. I’ll also have two make-ahead main courses to serve a crowd without breaking the bank. Are you and your apron ready? On Super Bowl Sunday, I’m taking the day off to watch the big game!

Note: Ah, the Mumbai Gladiators! See the wonderful New York Times online feature dated December 5, 2012. You’ll find it at 
Trust me, Dollinks! This story reads like the movie it’s bound to become. Go team, go!

Censor’s warning! The contents of the adult video below may offend some (blah-blah-blah-blah) ... You know the rest.

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