Saturday, October 19, 2013

B.E.L.T.C.H. Breakfast Sandwich

Good morning! It’s time for all you sleepy heads to face another day and consider what you’re going to have for your weekend breakfast!

Enough fooling around! 

Rise and monkey-shine, Dollinks!

Today’s post is a two-parter about sandwiches - the Fluffer Nutter below this post having an amusing name but little of value in it, and the B.E.L.T.C.H. having a revolting name but plenty of good things in it. Take your pick! Despite its name, the B.E.L.T.C.H. sandwich is packed with goodness and all the nutritional basics!

B.E.L.T.C.H. Breakfast Sandwich:

Bacon, as required
Eggs, as required
Lettuce, as required
Tomato, as required
Cheese, as required (see Note)
Hash browns, as required
Bread, as required
Butter or margarine, as required

Fry bacon in spray-greased skillet or on electric griddle. Blot bacon dry. Keep warm and set aside. Fry eggs over-easy in sizzling bacon fat. Keep warm and set aside. Tear lettuce into sandwich-sized pieces. Slice tomato. Remove cheese from wrapper. Set all aside. Fry hash browns until golden and crisp. Keep warm and briefly set aside. Butter the outsides of sliced bread. Place one slice butter-side down in hot skillet or on griddle. Assemble sandwich in order of listed ingredients, excepting hash browns. Top with remaining slice of bread, butter-side up. When bottom of sandwich is golden, carefully flip to brown other side. Serve with hot hash browns on the side. 

Note: I recommend processed sandwich cheese for its superior melting qualities.

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