Thursday, October 3, 2013

Scotch and Pears Part 1

Heidi, my friend!

     A year or so ago, you told me about a quick little dessert recipe with just two ingredients ... scotch and pears. Ive just bought a pear and am eager to proceed. I would have asked you how to make this recipe  sooner, but the scotch kept evaporating, ha-ha.
     Do you pour the scotch over the pear? Poach the pear? Marinate the pear? Ferment the pear and go on a bender? Sip the scotch, pare the pear, and hope youll have pear breath? Pig out on the pear, slug the scotch, and gargle with Listerine? Consume a pair of pears? Bake, broil, or boil the pear? 
     What brand of scotch? What type of pear?  Tell me, quick as you can! This recipe sounds right up my alley, skills-wise.

xox  Nicole

Dear Heidi:

     The scotch is ripe but the pear dispeared, ha-ha. Muss buy more. Fruit. Would apricot brandy work with the pair of scotch?

Your  pal,  Nicole

He-e-y, Heidi!

      Say again? I dint unnerstand your structions 
over the phone. I get nervous when you yell at me. 



     Thassa  joke, not a inslut. I thot bout whachew sed, but don reely know what  ”AA” stans for, unless iss what you Candans say at the enn of erry senence. I don know cause I was born somewhere else. I forget where becuse I was a baby at the time.    


Heidi, you witch:

      Whaddya mean, you don wanna talk to me? How hard is it to you for gimme that recpee? Scotch. Pears. Spill it! (Oops! The scotch spilled, ha-ha. It was in my big mesring puc, redy for any quanidy ...  quinaty ... quinady ... size ... in your recpee). I have to go, now. Scots an apcot brandy reely don mix.

Yor Former Frend, Nicloe

PS: I never liked pares anyway, ha-ha. I muss see your recpee, below.

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