Saturday, May 23, 2015

Pommes de Terre Rissolées Rapides

Doesn’t the name of this recipe sound ... pretentious? This is how to - BING! - make Pommes de Terre Rissolées Rapides aka Instant Hash Browns without peeling, shredding, julienning, or doing anything else that requires work. 

Have you ever stared at a mountain of restaurant french fries you couldn’t eat because the serving was too big? And your Cousin Vinnie owns the joint and he’s in the mob and you wouldn’t look good in cement boots and you can’t stand the waste when the restaurant throws stuff out and you’re scared to tell Vinnie hes over-serving and his customers are getting fat and it’s all his fault. Is that what’s bothering you, Bunkie? 



Dice ’em!

Heat ’em on a griddle or on the slammers electric chair!

Dish ’em up for breakfast! And never let Vinnie know.

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  1. Hi, Nicole! I am impressed that you can stop yourself from eating all the fries, even when they give too much. I try stopping, then end up picking away at the remainder until the server finally comes for the dishes—by which time I feel like a stuffed potato, myself! But now I have a really good reason for making myself leave the darned things alone, until they can be a super-easy part of another meal.

    Also, my late mother-in-law, Edith, used to make what she called Resurrection Pudding. That is what she made out of the last bit of cake (perhaps a bit dried out) layered in Bird’s Custard Pudding. It was also one way to keep everyone from fighting over the last piece of cake!


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