Thursday, December 10, 2015

Deep-Fried Oreos

It’s been awhile since I last blogged. Too long, some might say. Not long enough, say others. Although the reader numbers for this blog have grown rapidly, I’m not that easily fooled. I owe the bump in numbers to the boys from Yale and the LA Fitness Club. I know what you’ve been up to, kiddies! But gee ... Maybe it’s just that the holidays are approaching!  

I’m now happily ensconced in a new home, a new kitchen, a new neighborhood, and a new attitude, which is ... 

I’ve decided that I hate cooking. I’ve done very little of it since we began the long task of packing, unpacking, and picture hanging (I’ve changed my mind so often that the walls look like a drive-by shooting). During these many months, we’ve eaten a lot of frozen pizza and visited a lot of fast-food joints. If I never see another hamburger, I’ll die a happy woman. 

Speaking of dying, someone on my cooking team did. We tried everything to revive Frankie, but after eating too much too often, he blew up like the puffer fish he wasn’t. RIP, little friend. 

Getting back into the kitchen hasn’t been easy, especially now that I’ve developed a taste for junk food. What could possibly be worse than Deep-Fried Oreos? I’ve made it my life’s mission to find out. 

Deep-Fried Oreos:

Oil … Lots and lots of greasy, fatty oil 
1-1/2 c. pancake batter 
12-to-15 Oreo cookies (see Note)
2 tbsp. sifted icing sugar (powdered sugar)
Jell-O instant pudding, vanilla flavor, 6-serving size
3 tbsp. Irish Cream liqueur 

Heat oil to 350 deg. F. in deep-fat fryer or heavy pan with high sides. Do not test temperature with finger. Prepare pancake batter the usual way, courtesy of Aunt Jemima. Plunge Oreos into batter and immediately into oil, turning once until lightly golden, about 1 min. Remove with slotted spoon, transferring to wire rack. When completely cool, dust with sifted icing sugar.

Prepare Jell-O instant pudding as package directs, substituting Irish Cream for 3 tbsp. of the milk the recipe calls for. Refrigerate until pudding sets, about 15 min. 

So there! Go pig out! This is about as non-cooking as this blog’s going to get! Now I feel guilty, as though I’ve let down the Yalies and the LA Fitness boys. I’ll do my penance tomorrow, when I tell you how to make that delicious Irish Cream at very low cost and with simple ingredients (can you spell r-y-e?) in your own kitchen.

In fact, I’ll give you three recipes for Irish Cream. While they’re similar, pick the one that works with what you have on hand (if you can’t spell rye, how about b-r-a-n-d-y?) I’ve used these recipes for years, starting as soon as I learned how to read, which was about age 21.

Note: Resist the urge to split the Oreos and lick off the cream at the center. As everyone knows, you can do that only in the privacy of your bedroom closet, in the garage, or under a blanket.

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