Saturday, January 9, 2016

Dinner Party Series: A Casual Brunch

If youre new to this blog, check out my Dinner Party Series in the Index. Every now and then, I remember to take photos of our efforts in the kitchen as we entertain. This simple brunch of French toast and fruit highlights how color can perk up any table.

So wheres the French toast? With a houseful of guests over the holiday season, I wasnt about to photograph it or the juice, the bacon, the sausages, or the steaming cups of tea and coffee (Would you pause just a second and smile as you pretend to eat that bacon? Whoops! No flash! Lets try that shot again ...”) And again ... and again ... and again. 

If youve never made gourmet French toast, youll find three new takes on this old favorite at: 

If all you want is the basic yum!, check this super-simple recipe at: 

or try the easy French Christmas Croissants I made a couple of weeks ago: 

As for color? Never be afraid to use it - and use it liberally! Keep it in mind as you cook and serve, and everything will taste better than it already does.

Sitting at the kitchen table lends a casual feeling.

This couldn't be faster: Section 1/2 an orange
per person, layering with fresh berries. 

A tiny table needs a tiny centerpiece. These
snippets of red kalanchoe blooms were ideal!

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