Monday, March 12, 2018

Quick Cucumber-Tomato Snacks

This fast, nutritious appetizer is perfect when guests are due!

Quick Cucumber-Tomato Snacks:

1 long English cucumber, unpeeled and wiped clean
1/4-to-1/2 c. (60-to-125 mL) cream cheese, softened
1 tbsp. (15 mL) ) mayonnaise
1 tbsp. (15 mL) commercial sour cream
1 tbsp. (15 mL) fresh dill weed, chopped fine or 2 tsp. (10 mL) dried dill weed
1/2 tsp. (2.5 mL) garlic salt
Freshly ground black pepper, to taste
7 cherry tomatoes, wiped clean, halved
Fresh parsley, chopped, as garnish
Freshly ground black pepper, as garnish

Slice cucumber into about 20 pieces, 1/2-in. (13 mm) wide. With a 1/4-in. (6 mm) teaspoon, hollow out the centre of each piece. Set aside. Combine cream cheese, mayonnaise, sour cream, dill, garlic salt, and pepper until completely smooth. Hollow out centre of each slice with rounded 1/4 tsp. (1.25 mL). Blot cucumber slices dry with paper towel. Heap cream cheese mixture into hollow of each slice, allowing some to ooze over top. Blot halved cherry tomatoes dry, placing each half over cream cheese mixture in cuke. 

Quick Cucumber-Tomato Snacks

Sprinkle chopped parsley and fresh pepper over cucumbers on serving plate. This is best prepared at least 1 hr. ahead, so flavors can blend. Serves 2-to-4.

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