Friday, April 22, 2011

Welcome to My Recipe Blog!

Im Nicole Parton - the real Nicole, I mean! As my 16 blog followers already know (14 humans and two canines), my daughter Erin set up this blog in my name as my 65th birthday surprise! 

Using my name, she’s posted past recipe e-mails Ive sent to a number of friends. If you’ve read the blogs Erin posted before today without my knowledge, youre probably aware that I stumbled onto my own blog by accident! Today, Erin handed over the keys to the kingdom! 
Some of my friends have admitted they’re a little nervous about becoming blog “followers.” Honest! It’s no different from having an e-mail account. Your e-mail address and password will remain confidential (even to me), you’ll have the option of following “publicly” or “privately,” and you won't get SPAMed … unless, of course, I publish a recipe for SPAM (highly unlikely, Dollinks!).

The convenience of becoming a “follower” is that you’ll receive an e-mail link each time I post new recipes. Your e-mail box won’t clog up with “stuff” when you’re preoccupied (in flagrento delicto or otherwise). You can choose to delete or read my posts at a time thats more convenient - or not at all. If you crave a cigarette after reading this blog, I’ll feel I’ve succeeded. If your neighbors crave a cigarette, I’ll know it’s gone “viral.” 
Despite my little jokes (“Your recipe commentaries are supposed to be funny?” you ask), I’m a serious cook who began messing around in the kitchen nearly 60 years ago. I’ve had my share of disasters (like the time my sister Paulette poured out the contents of the sugar canister and substituted salt while I was making a cake. That literally took the cake - because no one else would!). 

I suspect we all make mistakes in the kitchen; reading about my bloopers may make you feel better about yours. So pull up a computer chair and stay awhile. I hope you’ll find some new and interesting recipes here, as well as having a little fun. I’m doing “birthday stuff” today, but will blog more often when things settle down.

xox  Nicole 

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