Saturday, April 16, 2011

Yogurt Mint Dip with Veggie Dippers

It’s a cold, gray day in the Time Zone and at the Latitude Where I Live - the kind of day where I’d like to be somewhere - anywhere! - else! In this part of the country, weather systems often sock in and stay awhile. If you have the time and the inclination, this is exactly the kind of day to throw an impromptu dinner party. It doesn’t matter if the china's chipped! Use paper plates! Who cares if the dust bunnies have been there so long they’ve become dust rabbits? Just bring people together - which a festive, communal meal does very well.

A few years ago, I threw a Moroccan dinner party that was a great success (at least, I hope it was!). I saved the recipes, and am sharing them with you. It was fun to prepare these dishes, and as I normally try to do, I made whatever I could a day or two in advance. If your friends enjoy cooking, you could even ask them to make a dish. Before you know it, what could have been a dull dinner is suddenly transformed into a “dinner party.” 

Yogurt Mint Dip with Veggie Dippers:
Combine equal parts of mayonnaise, sour cream, a little lemon juice to thin the mixture, and a pinch of dried mint leaves, to taste. Decorate with sprigs of fresh mint. Serve with fresh veggies.

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