Monday, September 16, 2013

Dinner Party Series: A Tea Party

I love birthdays! The years don’t matter as much as the life within those years. When Ron had a “special” birthday a while ago, we decided to play it low-key. But when his family dropped in unexpectedly, the day became even more special. Granddaughters Lyndsay and Sydney brought Sydneys miniature tea set, and the adults brought scones. I hustled to set the table, and fortunately had Red Velvet Cupcakes on hand (see Note). Before we knew it, we had an impromptu party! You needn’t wait for a  “special” day to celebrate life. Just go ahead and do it!

Tea, anyone?

Never be afraid to introduce more color into your life!  

This mix-’n’-match china always brings me joy

Scones, cupcakes, tea ... That's all you need!

Sydney’s tiny tea set made Ron’s birthday memorable!

Tea never tasted better! Don’t be shy, Dollinks! 
Start making memories in your own special way! 

Note: See the Index under Cakes: Red Velvet. For cupcakes, reduce baking time to about 20 min., until toothpick inserted at center of test cupcake comes out dry. A little secret, Dollinks ... I bought these lovely cupcakes! Wonder Woman, I ain’t. 

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