Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Peppermint-Chocolate Ice Cream

I can’t allow summer to slip past without blogging a couple of frozen treats! This is certainly one of my favorites! 
The first time I made this great ice cream, I added chocolate chips. Don’t! Because they freeze solid, the chips become tasteless bullets. Instead, add a few chocolate shavings as the mixture churns and freezes in your ice cream maker. 

Peppermint-Chocolate Ice Cream: 

2  eggs
1 c. granulated sugar
2-¾ c. light cream (also known as “half-and-half” cream)
1 c. whipping cream
1-½ tsp. peppermint extract

5 drops green food gel
¼ c. (2 oz. or 2 squares) semi-sweet chocolate, 
grated or shavings (see Note)

In a blender goblet, combine eggs and sugar on low until sugar is well mixed in. Slowly add both creams, peppermint extract, and food gel. Pour into deeply frozen canister of electric ice cream maker, gradually adding chocolate shavings. Process about 30 min. Serve immediately or label and freeze in covered storage container. Do not freeze or store in canister of ice cream maker. To serve after storage, soften slightly in refrigerator about 30 min. Makes 1 quart (1 L).

Note: Omit the green food gel if you blend grated or shaved chocolate into your ice cream. The chocolate will turn your green ice cream a pale cocoa color. 

One of the photos below shows an excellent variation for this recipe. When I used ¼ c. green, candy-covered sprinkles instead of the chocolate in this recipe, I got a pleasant surprise, with intense bursts of emerald in this great ice cream! Add the sprinkles just as the mixture starts to freeze, allowing them to melt slightly.   

Further Note: No ice creamer maker? See the Index for How to Make Frozen Treats Without an Ice Cream Maker.

Whirr everything except chocolate
or sprinkles in blender goblet

Add sprinkles as mixture in
ice cream maker starts to thicken

My second batch used grated chocolate

Process about 30 min.
s all there is to it!

And here’s the finished product!

Always an eager tester, Ron couldnt
 for a bowl or cone!

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