Monday, December 23, 2013

Ask Sadie: Holiday Tips You Already Know But Need to Hear Again

My dear friend Sadie has stepped away from her post at The Chicago Bugle to offer a few words of heartfelt advice! You’ll find more of her meandering messages indexed under Sadie. Sadie normally offers Advice to the Lovelorn. Unless you follow these common-sense tips, you’ll be lovelorn, too!

Two words: Thank. You. Say them. Write them. But do not neglect them. Teach them to your children. Remember them yourself. Why I need to state this as a “tip” baffles me, but unfortunately, I do.

Feign complete and utter delight: Essential during the holidays and in life. Someone selected this item for you. Tell that person s/he couldn't have chosen anything better! Better yet, mean it. Every gift has worth. 

Give with a sense of fun: A friend once gave his daughter-in-law one boot. One! The other was gift-wrapped elsewhere. A wonderful gift! Another friend gave her daughter a pair of gloves for washing dishes - a follow-up on the dish-drainer rack the daughter’s boyfriend had given her earlier. With one difference: Tucked into the gloves was a gift certificate for the daughters favorite store.

Give something you made yourself: Gifts that are knitted, crocheted, potted, cooked, originally written, or painted are gifts from the heart.

Give quality time: Take a senior out for tea, have a video weekend with nieces, nephews, or grandchildren, enjoy a fancy lunch with your kids … Whatever you do, spend time. Sadie often wants to give a clop in the chops to mothers and fathers who talk or text on cell phones while ignoring those actually in their company.

Give charitably: Someone once planted a tree in Israel in my name. I found that a memorably welcome present. Give blood, give to the food bank, give to registered charities in anothers name or memory. 

Do Yourself a Favor: It may seem like the holiday season’s all about money, but that’s not true. Its about giving of yourself. Giving enriches the giver. Its better to give than to receive. Why do you think those expressions were penned? If you dont believe Sadie, consult two of the best pieces of writing on the subject: O. Henrys short story titled The Gift of the Maji and Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol. Each is a recipe for happiness.

You booze, you lose: On average, one problem drinker affects the lives of 10 other people. Two more words: Moderate. Quit. Take the path that’s right for you.

And oh, yes …! Mazel tov.

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