Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Easter Marshmallow Treats

Marshmallows! How can anyone resist? A recent visit to a chocolate shop prompted me to make this treat, but blee-ah! This is far, far too much sweetness for me! Try it with two marshmallows rather than three and it should be exactly right. 

A lollipop stick is a wiser, safer choice than the bamboo skewer I used. You’ll find lollipop sticks in craft and cooking stores.

You can also dip a single marshmallow in chocolate, and shake on the sprinkles rather than coat the chocolate with them. 

(My grandiose plan to serve Easter Marshmallow Treats is getting smaller all the time! I cant imagine why that chocolate shop sold three decorated marshmallows on a stick, but when it comes to chocolate, some people lose all reason.) 

Marshmallows! How can anyone resist? I guess I can.

Note: If you like the idea of this treat, but not its overwhelming sweetness, try my chocolate-based Seed Candy Delights:

Melt milk chocolate in small batches.

Dip skewered marshmallows to coat ...

... On all sides.

Allow excess chocolate to drip off.

Coat warm chocolate in sprinkles of your choice.

Although this is a huge sugar hit, marshmallows can 
be eased from skewer and served individually.

Tomorrow: Sesame Candy.

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