Friday, April 18, 2014

Follow-up: Frankie Hits Pay Dirt

Knowing that Frankie doesnt have a nickel to his name, a philanthropic reader has taken pity on his plight. In todays recipe for Broken Glass Dessert, Frankie promised two major food manufacturers the widespread publicity and renown that only the stainless steel kitchens of Nicole Partons Favorite Recipes can deliver - as long as those food giants sent him a heap of small, unmarked bills.

Im embarrassed to tell you that Frankies attempt at extortion succeeded. Thanks to an anonymous reader, he struck it rich this afternoon. Unfortunately, the money’s already gone to his head. 

Frankie immediately demanded a bigger tank, and said he’d pay for it. He promised to tip me “a fin” if I were a “good girl,” driving him to the fish store so he could choose his new home. He insisted we start feeding him a regular ration of advertised products with a banner proclaiming “Frankie’s Favorite Fare, in case anyone considered kicking more cash his way. 

Ron and are mortified. Frankies already started laundering the money, to familiarize himself with the term filthy lucre. Please, readers - no more! Frankies greed is our shame. 

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