Thursday, April 26, 2012

How to Make Pork Stock

As I was saying, Dollinks (Miss Piggy Goes to Market, April 25, 2012), pork’s versatility will allow you to use every part of the pig except the squeal! So let’s start with the bone I carved from the whole pork leg I recently hauled home. Soup, anyone?
How to Make Pork Stock:

1 large pork bone from leg and/or shoulder 
Pork knuckle bones, if available 
Assorted vegetables
Follow the same recipe and method as in my March 9, 2012 post for How to Make Beef Stock. Roasting the bones and vegetables will deepen the flavor and color of any broth you prepare.

While this bone is not exactly pretty, check the post below for a simple, nutritious, and low-calorie soup - one of an infinite variety of soups you can make from homemade stock! Save a cupful of this lovely broth and set 1 lb. of cubed pork aside! Tomorrow, I’ll feature both in an utterly scrumptious Sweet ’n’ Sour Pork recipe! 

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