Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dinner Party Series: Brunch

Strictly speaking, brunch isn’t a Dinner Party.” I’ve nonetheless indexed it under that listing because brunch is often a chance to shmooze with overnight guests. My brunches are rarely fancy, though I do remember hosting a couple of upscale brunches to which our women guests (and I, as cook) wore evening dresses, the men wore tuxedos, and everyone drank champagne -  orange juice, optional. That was then. This is now, as they say.

Brunch is fun - no matter how simple the menu. For the far more casual weekend meal below, Ron and I served freshly squeezed orange juice, a variety of fruit, scrambled eggs, breakfast sausages, store-bought shredded hash browns, raisin toast, and plenty of coffee and tea. Easy? Definitely. Especially when Ron does the cooking.

Note the serving plate: Whether your table sits two, four, or more, a long plate (rather than several small ones) is a space-saver. Long table? Use two long plates. A very long table? Bring on the maid, multiple plates, the fine china, and the crystal, honey! Now note the table center. Keep it small, Dollinks. Your guests should be able to see one another.

If your brunch leans more to the light lunch side rather than a substantial breakfast, a simple salad makes an excellent accompaniment to the meal. You’ll find plenty of choices in this blog, indexed under Salads.

For those of you anticipating some recipes a little more challenging than the brunch in these photos, the recipe above and those over the next several days should satisfy your inner Martha. Two of these brunch recipes are made the night before, which doesn’t usually work for me (I’m off to catch my zzzzs shortly after our house guests hit the sack). The others are made in the morning, before our house guests arise. As a casual host, I normally get out of bed later than they do. Shocking? Live with it).

The blogs to come and the one immediately above offer brunch suggestions for those of you who are peppier and more gracious than I am in the morning. Pass the coffee pot, please.

This casual table setting offers cheerful  
simplicity. Note the paper napkins.

Add a little parsley - a last-minute touch!

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